Next Edition of Meet Your Neighbor

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This Edition Features Lori Baum! As you asked, we have uploaded the next Meet Your Neighbor interview.  This edition features Lori (Campbell) Baum of Campbell Dance Studio.  Lori also helps as an assistant office manager here at Pray Funeral Home.  Listen in I am sure you will learn a thing or two about Lori.   […]

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Meet Your Neighbor

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Many years ago Joe Sr. hosted a local radio show called Meet Your Neighbor. It ran on the local radio station WCER at 7 in the morning and later in the afternoon each weekday. Many local folks still remember the show. Some recall being interviewed by Joe Sr.  Others recall how their mother or father […]

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Having the chance to say goodbye face to face, with your family and supporters around you in a loving and calm environment, helps you heal.

The Pray Way – A Healing Funeral

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Witness to Healing There is nothing in life more difficult then the loss of a loved one.  For five generations our family and staff at Pray Funeral Home have helped countless families, overwhelmed by grief and the finality of the moment, begin the process of healing.   We have witnessed first hand how inspirational and transformational […]

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Funeral Etiquette – Don’t spill the flowers

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Oh dear I have to visit the funeral home! No one looks forward  to visiting the Funeral Home, however, if you follow some simple rules of funeral etiquette, the family will appreciate your presence.  It is their chance to receive the comfort from you and anyone else who visits the funeral home.  The funeral home […]

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Grinch, Grouch, or Grief and Christmas

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Ahh, the Holidays. If you have lost a family member, a spouse, a sibling, or a child, the Holidays may bring anxiety. Everybody around you seems to be a bit giddy; conversation often turns to plans for Christmas. It seems that everyone, even strangers, want to share what holiday parties they are invited to, what […]

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