Who do I call when someone dies unexpectedly in Eaton County?

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Dear FD,What happens if I find that my spouse has suddenly passed away unexpectedly? Who do I call first? What am I supposed to do? First, Call 911 In the event that the unthinkable occurs and you find yourself in this horrifying situation, you must first call 911. Once the paramedics have arrived and done […]

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Father says he doesn’t want a funeral! Am I bound to his wishes?

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My father always said that he doesn’t want a funeral. At his advanced age, most of his friends are already gone anyways. Am I bound to follow his wishes? Answer:Funerals are meant to serve the living by honoring the dead. The situation you described is commonplace and can be difficult for many families to face. […]

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Pray’s Grief Counseling is More Important Than Ever Before

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When you are grieving, it can be difficult to take care of our basic daily needs, therefore grief counseling through Pray Funeral Home’s Aftercare Counseling is more important than ever before.  With the additional anxiety surrounding today’s COViD19 situation, many grieving people are searching for help to cope. Grief Counseling Made Easy It may seem […]

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BC's Custom painted casket

Imagineering A Funeral

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My high school speech teacher, a favorite to many, known as “BC”, was dying. I met with BC and her brother, to discuss possibilities for her service, listening as they recalled her interests, stories, and the many high school plays and student activities she had directed. I let my imagination run with the snippets of […]

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40 years, How can you do your job that long?

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Forty years, of providing relief for families The phone rings at 3 am.  The voice on the other end cracks with emotion as the person tells me of the death of their family member.  My own emotions start to well up in empathy for the person who has dialed my number to help them.  My […]

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