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Meaningful memorials can be developed anywhere, at the beach, the golf course or even your family’s farm. Pray Funeral Home excels in taking care of all the details so your family can simply take part and gather the support from family and friends….anywhere. That is how Healing Happens at Pray Funeral Home Pray Funeral Home is dedicated to the idea that Meaningful Memorials can be conducted anywhere.

Funeral home,church,or Do-It-Yourself?
While most people think a funeral has to be in a funeral home, or church, and not all families feel comfortable in those settings. Therefore some families opt to do something on a Do-It-Yourself basis at their home or another venue. Unfortunately that places all the pressure on the family to develop the details; chairs, video, flowers, directing the crowds, sound and music, bathroom space. This can be overwhelming to a number of people on top of their raw emotions following a loss.

We take Care of the Details
Pray Funeral Home offers to develop meaningful memorials in places that were special to the deceased person and their family. This may be a golf course, ball park, or museum or anywhere else that may be appropriate for the family. And, we take care of all those details so the families just have to show up and enjoy the support of their community. In one of the meaningful funerals we created we staged a service on the first tee at our local golf course for a friend from the Golf league. Pray Funeral Home has also conducted meaningful memorials at local homes and farms, celebrating their life where they raised their family and celebrated so many other life events. Another out of the ordinary place we have developed services is our local professional theatre venue, Charlotte Performing Arts Center, complete with dramatic lighting and theatrical staging.

Meaningful Memorials Help Heal
We know how important a meaningful funeral or memorial can be because we see firsthand how a creative and meaningful funeral or memorial can help the family begin to heal from a loss. Our concern is that when families choose not to hold a memorial because they don’t go to a church, or don’t want to gather in a funeral home, or for any other reason, they rob themselves of the support of their community.

Social Benefits of a Funeral
Dr. John Canine, Director of Maximum Living, a counseling service for the bereaved, and host of, discusses the seven social benefits that a funeral provides in his book “The Psychosocial Aspects of Death and Dying.” One of the most important ones is that a meaningful funeral or memorial “provides structure for the behaviors of the mourner. (The) Mourner is in a structured setting rather than feeling without guidance on how to react and behave in light of the loss. (The) Mourner focuses their attention outside of the self rather than dwelling on inner pain.” Dwelling on their inner pain is an unhealthy thing to do. It can easily happen when a family or person is secluded at home sitting on the couch all by themselves.

Taking Care of the Details for Meaningful Memorials
That is why we at Pray Funeral Home make it our mission to create meaningful memorials anywhere the family chooses. And we take care of all the details. That’s what we do. That is why we believe that Healing Happens Here at Pray Funeral Home.

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Pray Funeral Home's mission is to enhance the well being of the families of our community by creatively meeting the changing needs of those we serve by providing respectful, dignified service, creative personalization, staff assistance, and aftercare in a comfortable and caring environment.

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