BC's Custom painted casket

Imagineering A Funeral

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My high school speech teacher, a favorite to many, known as “BC”, was dying. I met with BC and her brother, to discuss possibilities for her service, listening as they recalled her interests, stories, and the many high school plays and student activities she had directed. I let my imagination run with the snippets of […]

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40 years, How can you do your job that long?

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Forty years, of providing relief for families The phone rings at 3 am.  The voice on the other end cracks with emotion as the person tells me of the death of their family member.  My own emotions start to well up in empathy for the person who has dialed my number to help them.  My […]

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JOe Sr. and Joe E Pray hold the 48 star American Flag that draped the caskets of Charlotte's Civial War Veterans

The American Flag and Funerals

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The Honor of the American Flag The American Flag, the symbol of our Nation has had a long history in funeral rituals.  The nation’s veterans deserve recognition for their sacrifice for our country no matter when, where, and how they served.   Each veteran, and most service personnel, are eligible for a flag to be used […]

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Viking Funeral? Yes We Can!

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“Send Me off in a Blaze of Glory” People have often told me, “I just want a Viking Funeral, send me out to sea on a flaming ship.” That is a romantic idea, however, there is some doubt that Vikings really set their loved ones off to sea in a flaming ship.   Research on Viking […]

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Local funeral ideas are inspired by Corteo, a meaningful Funeral for Mauro the Dreamer Clown.


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LESSONS FROM THE CIRCUS In December of 2018, Pray Funeral Home held a contest that we called “The Corteo Contest.” This was a challenge where people shared how they would conduct a meaningful life celebration for themselves, or the life of a family member or friend. We had a ton of great entries, and ultimately […]

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