Creative Ways to Incorporate Food Into Services at Dimondale, MI Funeral Homes

Posted on May 4th, 2020 by Joe Pray under Funeral Home
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Dimondale, MI funeral homes

There are few things that come with more emotion and nostalgia than favorite foods, and at a funeral it’s natural to think about the most memorable meals you shared. That’s why Dimondale, MI funeral homes offer extensive meeting facilities to accommodate catered services. Here are some of the ways our clients at Pray Funeral Home, Inc.
use food and dining services to honor those who have passed on.


One of the oldest ways to memorialize someone is to hold a potluck, and that tradition continues with services held at our facilities. Ideal for those with a large network of support, in potlucks each member of the mourning party brings in a dish, often linked to the traditions of the family and their memory of the deceased. It becomes a collective meal provided by the family and friends, and a perfect opportunity for each person to share their memories.

Catered Services

If your loved one had a favorite restaurant or a favorite cuisine, it’s possible to work with a local institution to provide a large-scale catered meal for the memorial. While funeral homes can accommodate any restaurant, many have partnerships with local businesses that provide a discount as part of a memorial package. Any kind of meal can be arranged, from a traditional sit-down dinner to an extensive buffet ideal for a crowd.

Lighter Options

Ideal for morning services or for those with a sweet tooth, many people choose to go with a hospitality table that offers snacks rather than a full meal. This is ideal for a service that’s moving from place to place and won’t have a lengthy sit-down, because people can grab a breakfast pastry or dessert and move on to the next stage of the memorial. This is also a cost-effective option for those who want a more informal service.

Off-Site Tribute DinnersDimondale, MI funeral homes

We can host any dinner service at our facilities, but if you want a memorial in a meaningful environment like a favorite restaurant, we can work with the facility to set up a dinner as part of your larger memorial package. This is ideal for the largest memorial parties, especially those who want to celebrate their loved one’s life at a separate date after the funeral. Local restaurants often offer affordable packages for on-site memorials.

Charity Dinners

Many of our clients want to raise money for a cause near and dear to their loved one’s heart, and a catered dinner with tickets paying for donations is a great way to start. Our facilities are open to those who want to use their memorial dinner for a greater good, and we can arrange advertising for the cause. We can also arrange online advertising for your cause, so you can raise money for third parties who can’t attend the dinner but want to help.

A catered dinner or attractive hospitality table is an ideal accent to a memorial service that makes mourners feel welcomed and cared for at Dimondale, MI funeral homes. If you’re looking to incorporate food into your loved one’s tribute, contact Pray Funeral Home, Inc. to set up a consultation today.

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