Reasons to Consider Cremation Services in Dimondale, MI

Posted on May 11th, 2020 by Joe Pray under Cremation
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cremation services Dimondale, MI

It surprises many people to know that cremation has become the top choice among Americans for memorializing a loved one, surpassing earth burial. This has happened due to a number of reasons, including cost and space availability, but the top reason is how cremation has evolved to offer clients unique services. At Pray Funeral Home, Inc, we pride ourselves on offering the best cremation services Dimondale, MI has, so here are some top reasons why people are choosing us.


Whether you want a traditional memorial service or a do-it-yourself service, cremation gives you the freedom to develop your personal plan for paying tribute. We can be as involved or as little involved as you prefer, with our professional cremation services at the center of every package. We can help you arrange a memorial service that speaks to your loved one’s life and fits your needs and your budget.

Variety of Vessels

When you think about cremation, you probably think of a stately urn sitting atop a mantle. And we definitely offer that option – in fact, we offer hundreds of urns in categories ranging from sturdy and basic to small-batch artisan designs. We can also personalize them with an inscription. But if you want a unique option like a vial or pendant that holds a small portion of ashes, or an urn designed for scattering, we can arrange that.

The Gift of Time

We know life and death both come fast, and planning a funeral in a hurry can be stressful. When you choose cremation, you have the luxury to plan a memorial service at your pace once the cremation is complete. You’ll receive the remains in a sturdy basic cremation container, and can return to us at your convenience to make final arrangements. You can also arrange an independent memorial or scattering ceremony once things have calmed down.

Funeral Amenitiescremation services Dimondale, MI

One concern we often hear is that people like cremation, but they want to get the personal attention and care of a funeral. When you work with Pray Funeral Home, Inc, you’ll get full access to our experienced staff and our memorial facilities. If you choose to inter your loved one’s remains in a family plot, we offer cremation vaults that can be buried in a ceremony similar to a funeral at a traditional service.

Peace of Mind

When you choose cremation services, you’ll get the utmost care to ensure your loved one’s ashes are returned to you. We immediately identify and tag any body that comes into our custody, guaranteeing several easy points of identification thanks to our fireproof tags. Our team of dedicated staff takes your faith in us seriously and is standing by to help you through this challenging period and handle every step of the process with care and attention.

These are just a few of the reasons why Dimondale, MI cremation services at Pray Funeral Home, Inc. are gaining in popularity. Set up a consultation at our offices today to meet with our funeral director.

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