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At Pray Funeral Home, Inc. we believe our comprehensive packages of funeral services are only the beginning. When you work with our funeral homes in Potterville, MI you’ll have the help of our experienced staff to integrate a personal touch with our services to reflect the life and interests of your loved one. In this article, we’ll look at some popular elements that can be added to a funeral to add a creative and emotional element to the service.

Memory Tables and Quote Boards

This is a collaborative effort that collects the memories and favorite sayings of those closest to the departed as a living memorial. Before the service, the family and friends of the person being memorialized will collect pictures, mementoes, and creations of their life and collect them on a table or series of tables. Some families like to arrange them in chronological order.

A quote board works as a backdrop to the memory table, collecting favorite sayings of the departed or inspirational quotes that the family and friends think reflect them. Together, it’s a way to show guests who the deceased was in life.

Charitable Donations

It’s increasingly common for families to put together funding for a funeral through crowdfunding, but many are adding a charitable element to the service. This is common when the person being memorialized was passionate about a local cause or a social issue. In lieu of flowers, family members sometimes ask for a donation to that cause or to fund a contribution to the community like a living memorial garden.

Online Memorial Books

Not everyone can attend a funeral on short notice, and if you have loved ones far away it’s possible to allow them to attend in spirit. In addition to livestreaming the service, which is an amenity with all our funeral packages, many families are creating online memory books to create a digital memorial. This keeps the memorial going long-term, as people can visit the webpage and add their own memories and condolences.

Live Tributesfuneral homes in Potterville, MI

Why not turn your loved one’s memorial into a bit of a show? This is a way to get the whole family involved, as people can do personal tributes to the departed by singing songs, putting on shows, and giving speeches about what their family member or friend meant to them. These lighter tributes will add to the tone of celebrating a life well loved and are a great way to help younger guests understand the person you’re memorializing.

End With a Memorial Meal

Our funeral homes offer lots of space for meetings, and we can host a catered meal with the help of local caterers. A wake or memorial brunch or dinner following the service ends the day on a lighter note and lets everyone share memories and toast to their loved one after a somber and respectful funeral. Many clients prefer an interactive element, such as a central fondue station, for an added feeling of community.

Adding a personal touch to a funeral is the best way to celebrate a life well lived, and our staff at Potterville, MI funeral homes is ready to help. Set up a consultation by visiting Pray Funeral Home, Inc. at our offices at 401 W. Seminary Street, Charlotte, MI, 48813, or contact us on our website or by phone at (517) 543-2950.

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Pray Funeral Home's mission is to enhance the well being of the families of our community by creatively meeting the changing needs of those we serve by providing respectful, dignified service, creative personalization, staff assistance, and aftercare in a comfortable and caring environment.

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