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Posted on May 18th, 2020 by Joe Pray under Funeral Home
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Charlotte, MI funeral homes

One of the biggest stresses of planning a funeral is figuring out how to pay for it, especially when a death comes suddenly without a planned budget. If you’re struggling with finding the right plan for a funeral and memorial service on a budget, Charlotte, MI funeral homes can help. At Pray Funeral Home, Inc. our experienced staff will work with clients to find the right package for them. Here are some key ways to arrange a memorable funeral on a budget – and one way to prevent a budget crunch for your loved ones.

Private Services

Our funeral home facilities are open to all groups big and small, but some people are opting for a graveside service instead of a full memorial. This allows for a smaller group to attend the burial and memorial service at the same time, while a larger service can be held at a later date at a separate facility like the home of the family. This is a lower-cost option, and also has the advantage of letting people plan the memorial service at their pace.

Cremation for Greater Flexibility

Our cremation services program is available to those who want a full memorial service and visitation at our facilities, but for those on a budget, our basic cremation program is ideal to provide essential services and let you handle the rest. You’ll receive your loved one’s ashes in a sturdy cremation container that’s ideal for scattering the ashes in a meaningful location, and we can offer a variety of affordable urns for a final resting place if you choose.

Outside Help

We’re a modern funeral home with all the amenities you’d expect, but we also embrace the traditional ways. If you want decorations or catering at the memorial service, many people on a budget arrange this by having friends and family each bring in a small part of what’s needed. The memorial service turns into a potluck with homemade decorations, which adds an authentic and personal touch to the service while keeping the budget low.

Digital Support

Our digital services program is highly regarded, and comes with any memorial service package. You’ll get a virtual guestbook that lets people from around the world see the service and pay tribute online, and many people use this toCharlotte, MI funeral homes raise money in lieu of flowers and gifts. You can choose to ask for donations to cover the funeral costs, to a charity of your choice, or to a split between these two causes.

Pre-Planning Services

But what if you didn’t need to stick to a budget to pay for a memorial service? What if there was a way to ensure your family members don’t have to while saying goodbye to you? By arranging pre-planned services now, you can pay off all costs in small installments over several years, along with arranging every detail of the service down to the speakers and flower arrangements. This is the perfect way to ensure your family has nothing to do but reflect and appreciate the tribute you arranged.

No matter your budget, at Charlotte, MI funeral homes we want to ensure you can say goodbye in the manner you choose. Contact Pray Funeral Home, Inc. for more information on our services or to set up a consultation today.

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