Types of Memorial Services After Potterville, MI Cremation Services

Posted on June 8th, 2020 by Joe Pray under Cremation
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cremation services in Potterville, MIOne reason cremation services in Potterville, MI are gaining in popularity is because you and your family have greater freedom to develop a personalized tribute at your own schedule. You’ll get professional and courteous service from our funeral director and cremation team, and Pray Funeral Home, Inc can be as involved or as hands-off as you prefer. Here are some types of memorials that families plan with us.

Pre-Cremation Memorials

A common choice for families who choose to buy a full memorial package with our cremation services is to hold the memorial before the cremation. This allows for visitation by those closest to the deceased and to have the body at the center of the service. We offer rental caskets for a display similar to those at traditional funerals, and the cremation can be attended after by close family members.

Post-Cremation Memorials

If you choose to have the cremation done immediately, we offer a variety of attractive cremation vaults and urns to display the ashes at the center of a memorial service. Post-cremation memorials are common because they allow the family to arrange the memorial at their own pace without paying for long-term storage of the body. Cremation can be done immediately before final arrangements for the service, giving you more time to get guests in town and make arrangements with vendors.

Graveside Services

If you intend to have the cremation ashes interred in a burial plot or vault, it’s common to hold a small memorial service at the burial site attended by close friends and family. This allows for an intimate goodbye, possibly combined with a larger memorial service held elsewhere at a later date. While this is more common with traditional burial, graveside services following cremation are gaining in popularity due to the intimacy and finality of the event.

Private Memorialsfuneral home

One advantage of cremation is that you receive the ashes as soon as cremation is over and you’ve chosen the final vessel, and the rest is up to you. When you choose our basic cremation package, you can arrange a private memorial service at your home at your convenience. It’s common to arrange a large gathering of friends and family at a home, a public location, or a memorial garden weeks or months after the facts when everyone can be gathered.

Scattering Ceremonies

Some people prefer to say goodbye to their loved one in a ceremony that gives them closure post-cremation. As cremation ashes are safe and sterile, they can be distributed in any public location with no legal issues. Common locations for scattering ceremonies include lakes, vantage points such as cliffs or mountains, or meaningful locations like sports fields or favorite parks. Scattering at private locations can often be arranged with the owners at a designated time.

Our team at Potterville, MI funeral homes can help you find the perfect memorial service for your budget, schedule, and wishes. Contact Pray Funeral Home, Inc. for more information on how we can help today.

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