What to Wear to an Outdoor Service

Posted on May 8th, 2023 by Joe Pray under Cremation
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Choosing the right outfit for a funeral or memorial service is something that can be important to consider. Having an outfit that is respectful and that can still be appropriate can be difficult in the summer heat, especially if the service will be outside. That is something that you want to take some time to consider. If you are not sure about the options that you have, there are some tips that providers of cremation services Vermontville, MI want you to know.

When you start thinking about the kind of outfit you want to wear, you want to think about fabric options. You do not want to wear something that is made of material that is too heavy. This can be a concern for men, especially, since suits ted to be made of wool and other heavy options. Think about using linen and cotton. They can be light and appropriate, just be sure that the cut is formal and that the linen is ironed.

You also want to remember that wearing black is not a requirement. This is especially the case during the summer. Black can make the heat worse, and that is not something you want to worry about when attending a service. You can choose other colors, like greens, grays, and blues, which are still respectful but can be better suited for the hottest months of the year. You want to remember to avoid bright colors or busy patterns.

Women can go sleeveless. This was a concern in the past, but it is now allowed if the service will be outside during the summer. You want to be sure that if you choose a sleeveless outfit it has to be formal and not too revealing. If you prefer not to go completely sleeveless, you can opt for a cap sleeve or something similar.

It is customary to wear hats or headscarves to a funeral or memorial service, but this can be a concern when the service will be outside in the heat. You do not want to feel uncomfortable. If you do want tocremation services Vermontville, MI wear some head covering, go for a scarf that is made of light materials so that your head does not overheat.

These are all important things you want to remember when getting ready to decide on the kind of outfit you want to wear to a funeral or memorial service that will take place during the summer months. Be sure to consider the fabric options you have as well as the colors you choose. If you want to wear a head covering, be sure to also consider one that is made of light materials. If you want to know more about what to wear to an outdoor summer service, you can reach out to a Vermontville, MI cremation services provider like us. We are ready to help you with all of the funerary needs you may have. Stop by one of our locations or give us a call now.

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