Helpful Tips for Funeral Planning

Posted on April 17th, 2023 by Joe Pray under Funeral Home
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Many people have saved, invested, and insured their life and house to secure their family’s future. But they haven’t made funeral arrangements, leaving one of the hardest things for their remaining family members to sort out at a time of grief. It’s crucial to consider your loved one’s desires and urge them to prearrange their services such as selecting funeral homes in Bellevue, MI to help you in the arrangements.

Expressing preferences to family or relatives

Who was your loved one, and how do you think they would like to be remembered? Preparation in advance is one way to add a special touch to a funeral. Personalizing a funeral or cremation ceremony for a loved one is a meaningful way to honor their memory and provide closure to those left behind. Services nowadays are quite specialized. Videos, photos, music, readings, and participation from loved ones are all welcome additions.

Your loved one will be able to learn about all their options in a calm, stress-free setting with plenty of time to consider each one. They get to make all the decisions and choose all the services that matter most to them and their loved ones. Visit with a local provider of Dignity Memorial® to learn more about the various choices and how they may be tailored to your family and your loved one’s desires to create a memorable and meaningful memorial service.

Choose a final disposal plan

Your loved one’s last disposition is a very personal choice that is heavily affected by their religious views, whether they opt for a standard burial, mausoleum entombment, or interment in a cremation garden. Their final intentions should be made known to loved ones in advance and documented in a prearrangement agreement.

Prepare for arrangements

The specifics of a funeral or cremation may be taken care of with some forethought and planning. Only by prearranging (and prepaying for services) can the real cost of the burial or cremation service be taken care of in advance, reducing the financial strain on loved ones. Prepaying for a funeral or cremation service for a loved one is a responsible financial move. When planning, you can save money by paying today’s rates for an event that might not occur for a long time. It’s possible that the prices kids see today will never be topped for the goods and services they choose.

Prepare for extra expenses not covered by insurance

In the event of a death, the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or a last expense policy will get a lump sum payment. Still, there’s no assurance that something like a long-term illness or a major catastrophe

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won’t drain the savings. In a time of crisis, insurance cannot make all the necessary judgments. Even if one has funeral or cremation insurance, one must still prepare for and pay for the ceremony itself. During sorrow, this might be a difficult duty to do. What’s more, insurance premiums are not indexed to inflation. Despite inflation, the amount of coverage provided by your loved one’s insurance will not change. If funeral costs rise, the insurance payout may not be enough to meet the family’s out of pocket costs. When you purchase a preneed plan from us, you get the peace of mind that comes with life insurance, as well as a guaranteed funeral or cremation service and pricing.

If you still have questions about funeral planning you can directly contact funeral homes in Bellevue, MI.

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