5 Misconceptions of Cremation Debunked

Posted on April 10th, 2023 by Joe Pray under Cremation
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There is no hiding the fact that cremation as an afterlife ceremony has been making waves in the past few years. Take a look at how often cremation services in Vermontville, MI happen and you will truly understand this. While this is good, there, however, seems to be some sort of misconceptions about what cremation truly is.

These misconceptions are due to people not truly understanding how cremation works and what it entails. Nevertheless, in this post, 5 of these misconceptions will be debunked.

Misconceptions of Cremation

Your Loved One’s Ashes Are Often Not What You Get: While there might not be a way to identify the ashes of your loved ones after the cremation, it is not the case that you get another person’s ashes. In ensuring that you get the right ashes, cremation centers adopt very strict rules from the point that they take charge of the body of your loved one. Specifically, they use tags and ID numbers to identify each body in their custody. Also, the possibility that the ashes would mix with that of someone else is very low since the cremation chamber can only contain one person at a time. Even to the point of cremation, cremation centers still use iron tags that will allow them to identify the ashes of the person cremated.

Cremation Prevents Traditional Funeral: While cremation is an easy and quick way to dispose of the body of a loved one, it does not prevent traditional funerals in any way. It is possible for you to still bury a cremation urn and have a traditional funeral if you want to. The only difference here is the size of what you are burying. Even after the cremation, you can arrange to have an open casket while you still organize the traditional funeral.

Ashe Scattering is Illegal: One of the ways to dispose of the remains of a loved one is to scatter their ashes in the river, in a garden, or any other chosen place. People, however, think that this action is illegal. While you are advised to seek permission before you scatter the ashes of a loved one in an area that is not yours, there is absolutely nothing illegal with ashes scattering. There might be regulations guiding scattering ashes, but this does not make it illegal. All you have to do is seek permission from the appropriate authority.

The Urn Has to Be Bought From the Funeral Home: While funeral homes will entice you to buy urns for the ashes of your loved ones from them, there is nothing wrong if you decline and get it from somewhere else. Funeral homes cannot decline to proceed with cremation services or funeral arrangements simply because you got your Urn from another merchant.cremation services in Vermontville, MI

What’s Left After the Cremation is Remains: Since the word “remains” is commonly used to refer to the remains of a loved one after the cremation, many tend to believe that it is truly ashes. Of course, what you have in the urns bears semblance to ashes; the remains after cremation is, however, not the same as remains from firewood. The remains are the product of fragmented bones processed to resemble ashes.


While cremation services in Vermontville, MI will continue to grow, it is important that the common misconceptions about cremation are dropped and the truths about cremation are adopted.

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