Should A Funeral Be In A Church?

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Hundreds of years ago, every house had a parlor on its front porch. There would be beautiful furniture and decorations in the parlor of family members, along with an unnoticeable large door. The family home was showcased and decorated to impress guests with the furniture and decorations. Bringing coffins through the large door on the side of the building was the purpose of the large gate. There was more intimacy involved with death back then, or at least, it was more personal. It is possible that this was due to the lack of computers, phones, and Facebook pictures. The deceased were traditionally laid out in coffins and beds in the parlors. After paying their respects at the graveyard, everyone gathered at the church for the burial. The service can also be performed in funeral homes in Vermontville, MI. Take note of these points.

It’s Traditional

With the Civil War, the funeral industry in North America was born. The war between 1861 and 1865 resulted in more than 600 000 deaths, leaving grieving families eager to see their departed loved ones again. Among the people who made it possible was Dr. Auguste Renouard. During the Civil War, Dr. Renouard embalmed soldiers so they could be received safely by their families. Coffin manufacturers eventually became undertakers because of this. Profits were increasing rapidly, which persuaded them to leave. An embalming class was conducted by Dr. Renouard that featured a demonstration of embalming. The funeral homes, visitation centers, and chapels we know today were made possible by undertakers’ parlors. After two viewings, there is a service, burial, and reception, which have been a tradition for decades. It has been more than 150 years since soldiers’ bodies had to be returned home to their families.

Is It Necessary?funeral homes in Vermontville, MI

In response, undertaker services were in greater demand. Embalming facilities are needed instead of funeral homes as service locations. It used to be that parlors were doing a good job before they became one-size-fits-all chapels. It is probably not a good idea to pull families away from their churches during times of grief. As a church, we are guided by the values of faith, love, and community. There are a variety of reasons why people attend church besides the weekly mass, including weddings, baptisms, and funerals. What is the reason for excluding funerals?

Funeral services should be held at your church if you are a member. A funeral service, visitation, and reception can almost always be held in a church. Sites with cemeteries are also available. You can’t decide between a funeral home or a church, so plan your loved one’s funeral service as soon as possible. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. The funeral homes in Vermontville, MI have staff who are happy to assist you with every aspect of planning a funeral service, so why stress and worry? Let us help you with all aspects of your funeral plans so we can help you create something special for your loved one.

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