Making A Closed Coffin Serve More Personal

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Open burial coffins may not be possible under certain circumstances. Several reasons can lead people to decide to close their coffins. These services are often offered, but are often less popular due to their lack of adaptation to the needs of the individual. Because closed coffins prevent people from seeing their loved ones and saying goodbye to them, they cannot see their loved ones. Most funeral homes Nashville, MI offer closed coffin services, allowing you to record these personal touches.

Use Photos

Instead of opening the box, you can use photos so that loved ones can show respect in their lives. There may also be one or more photographs of the deceased on the coffin. You choose how many images you want to display. Family members can also create collages from photos they can see at funerals. Memorial services allow participants to feel close to the deceased and ensure some closure. You can make services more personal and unique by adding something really personal. If you want to see photos at the memorial ceremony, you can work with friends and family and choose the best photos or collages.


Many of the most memorable moments in the video were captured with family and friends. In addition to creating slideshows with photos of the deceased, compiling clips from various video sources can be used to create videos. When guests watch a video during the funeral service, they can reflect on their memories. If someone wants to save a DVD as a memorial to a loved one, they can copy it for their own use. What to achieve in memory of the dead is sometimes exactly what people want. There is nothing wrong with people wanting a person to remember something.


Adding a few words of praise can create a strong sense of connection for everyone present. Remembering the deceased or telling a funny story can be fun. In addition to reminding the recipient of all the fun moments with friends, the card also has a message. Other options include sharing stories, singing or reading. To avoid having to deal with the story completely, consider starting this process in advance. Stories should be short, but let everyone express their feelings so that everyone closes.funeral homes Nashville , MI

At funeral homes Nashville, MI, closed coffin services can be personalized in many ways. There are a number of factors to keep in mind, but these are some of the most important. Friends and family can also provide recommendations if you need help coming up with a way to make the service more special or personal. Let us know how we can help you. There is no need to open the box, we will take care of it for you. There are many more ways to make a funeral service special, even if you have to close the coffin. We are here to guide you through the planning process and ensure that the funeral takes place the way you want. Call us to find out more.

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