Why Is Black A Good Color For Funeral Services?

Posted on January 24, 2022 by Joe Pray under Funeral Home
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While planning a funeral service at funeral homes in Bellevue, MI, you have the option to customize however you choose. Some people already have an idea of how they will do this and others just want to make sure the funeral is nice but also traditional. You may not want to add a lot of color or details, but be able to give the funeral a theme and some order. One way you can do this is by choosing a certain color to have at the funeral. Any color can be acceptable, but one of the most popular funeral colors in black. Here are some reasons why you might want to use it in your loved one’s funeral services.


If you want to choose a color that has been used in funerals for many years, black is a good option. Black has been used in funerals and as a symbol of death for many years. In fact, since the Industrial Revolution, people have been wearing black to let others know that someone near them has passed away and that they are in mourning. In some cases, the entire family of the deceased will wear black for a long time out of respect for the deceased.

Religious Meanings

In some religions, black has a special meaning. You may want to research your own religion to find out if using black has any certain meanings. If you don’t have a religious or don’t follow these aspects of your religion, you can still use black. As with most things, if you don’t believe in the symbolism of something, then it doesn’t have to hold true. If you think you should talk to your family about their religious views and how certain colors pertain to them and let them know why you are using them.

Personal Preferencefuneral homes in Bellevue, MI

When it comes to your funeral service, you have the option to plan it however you choose. Of course, it’s always best to think about what your deceased loved one would have wanted and try to plan it in a way that shows respect to them. If you like the color black or if your loved one likes the color black, that is enough reason to use it in the services. A color doesn’t have to have a meaning to be used in funeral service, you can simply use it because you like it and feel it is a classic color.

When you are planning to have a funeral service at funeral homes in Bellevue, MI for a loved one and you want to use the color black in your services, you may want to research the color to figure out its meaning or symbolism. The above ideas can help you decide if you still want to choose black for your services. If you need help making your funeral plans, be sure to reach out to Pray Funeral Home, Inc. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs. Stop by or give us a call to learn more.

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