How To Plan A Halloween Themed Funeral Service

Posted on October 4th, 2021 by Joe Pray under Funeral Home
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Halloween is a popular holiday and for many people, it’s one of their favorites. When you are planning a funeral service for a loved one and they happened to love Halloween, you might want to find a way to add some Halloween touches to the funeral service. There are plenty of ways you can do that when you choose to have the services at funeral homes in Vermontville, MI. If you are ready to plan a funeral service for a loved one, be sure to keep these tips in mind to give it a Halloween theme.


If you don’t want to get too wild with the colors of the services, you can still add some slight touches of Halloween to the service by using notable Halloween colors. Colors such as orange, black, yellow, and purple are all associated with the holiday and can be present in the funeral plans. You can add the colors to the flowers, casket liner, loved one’s clothing or other small details that will allow you to make the services more personal and special and give it the theme you need.


You may choose to add special decorations to the funeral services and when you do you can use this as a chance to bring in some Halloween details.You can choose to decorate the entire funeral home with Halloween decorations or you might just want to set up a small memory table where you can add the decorations to add just a small touch of Halloween vibes. You can make these details as elaborate as you choose or you can just add small pieces to the theme to make it a personal and special.

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Some people may find Halloween too morbid or even too vibrant for a funeral service, but you can instead add the small details and decor on the headstone after the burial. You will be able to add whatever you choose to the headstone and if you feel like decorating for each season you can do so. You can also just stick to the Halloween theme and leave up that decor all season long. You can use a variety of different things to show off your Halloween spirit on the headstone and create a theme that your loved one would be happy with.

When you are planning funeral services at funeral homes in Vermontville, MI you have a lot of things you can add to make the services special and more personal. If your deceased loved one happened to enjoy Halloween or the theme of the season, you may want to include these details in their services. The above tips are just a few ways you can do that. If you are ready to start planning funeral services be sure to reach out to Pray Funeral Home, Inc. We are here to help answer your questions and help you make proper decisions about your funeral plans. Give us a call to learn more.

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