How To Display Plants At Funeral Homes In Funeral Homes In Nashville, MI

Posted on September 20, 2021 by Joe Pray under Funeral Home
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When you plan a funeral service at funeral homes in Nashville, MI you have a lot to think about and plan. One of the things you will need to decide is how to display the plants and flowers you will receive at the services. There will likely be a lot of different plants and flowers sent to the funeral home by family and friends who are trying to pay their respects. Here are some tips that can help you display them in a way that everyone can see them easily.

By The Casket

One of the most obvious and common places to put the flowers in near the casket. Not only does this add some beauty and peacefulness to the setting. As people walk to up to the casket to pay their respects and see their deceased loved one for the last time, they will also see all the beautiful flowers. Many people like to see the ones they sent and know that the family received them and enjoyed them. You can use stands and hangers to ensure they all fit and are near the casket without getting in the way of the service.


If you are going to bury your loved one and plan to have a funeral service outdoors at the cemetery, you may decide to use the plants this way as well. You can display them around the casket before it is dropped into the group or you can even use them after the body has been buried. You can display them around the headstone to add some beauty to the burial spot. This is also a good way to make the most out of them or to use any extra plants that you don’t have room for after the services are over.

Entrywaysfuneral homes in Nashville, MI

If you don’t want to add the plants around the casket or if you have a lot of them and need to put the overflow somewhere that they will still be seen, you might want to consider adding them to the entryway. This will help set the scene for a peaceful and respectful service and it will make it so all the flowers are displayed. Nobody will feel left out and they will still be able to see any flowers they set and check the cards as they walk through the service.

If you are planning to have a service at funeral homes in Nashville, MI and you want to know how you can display all the plants you will receive, be sure to keep some of the above options tin mind. You can also come up with ways that make sense to you. If you are ready to start making plans for a funeral, be sure to call Pray Funeral Home, Inc. We are happy to help with all your funeral planning questions and assist you with making your plans. Stop by to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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