Memorial Ideas For Cremation Services In Nashville, MI

Posted on February 1, 2021 by Joe Pray under Cremation
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cremation services in Nashville, MI

If you are planning to have cremation services in Nashville, MI and you want to be able to have a memorial service for your loved one, you need to think about all the different options you have available. Cremation services can be simple but they are also designed to be flexible so you can easily add a memorial service and make it exactly how you want it. If you need some ideas that can inspire you to give your loved one a memorial service that is ideal for them, be sure to consider some of these suggestions and ideas.

Custom Displays

You may want to show off your loved one’s milestones and accomplishments by displaying their belongings or special items. You can do this by choosing a theme for a display and adding photos, personal belongings and more to it. This will give those who attend the service a glimpse into the life your loved one lived and allow everyone to focus more on their life than their death. You can also ask other people to bring photos and special objects to add to the display.

Video Presentations

You can show off your loved one’s accomplishments and more with a video presentation. You can use videos clips that are sent in by your various family members or even friends or you can use videos you already have. You can also add photos to the video to make a video. The video can play during the during the cremation memorial and you can make a copy of the video to pass out to your family and friends if they want one. Pray Funeral Home, Inc. has the ability to develop a wonderful video using your images.


You may feel like you don’t have time to show your loved ones who are attending the service how much you appreciate them. You can plan a reception as a way to slow down and talk to them. Choosing something that was the deceased family member’s favorite meal or snack will add to the remembrance and make your guests happy. Another menu option is potluck style and encourage others to bring a dish. A meal after the service will give you time to talk with the people who cared enough to pay their respects. You can have the receptions at a location of your choice such as a church, public building, Pray Funeral Home, Inc. reception room, or another special place that can be rented.

cremation services in Nashville, MI

When you are planning a funeral for a loved one and you are looking for a way to make it more special and personal for them, you may want to have a memorial service. Memorial services are common with traditional funerals but they can also be something you do with a cremation. If you are planning to have one, you should keep the above tips and suggestions in mind to help you plan it more easily. If you need help planning a cremation service for a loved one be sure to reach out to Pray Funeral Home, Inc. We are happy to help with all your needs for cremation services in Nashville, MI.

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