How To Have Cremation Services In Bellevue, MI During A Pandemic

Posted on January 11, 2021 by Joe Pray under Cremation
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With the current pandemic, it’s made most social events more difficult than they should be. If you are trying to plan cremation services Bellevue, MI for a loved one and want to make sure they are respectful while also ensuring that the family members and friends who attend are being protected from the illness that is going around. There are a few ways you can still have respectful and beautiful cremation services while practicing good habits that will help prevent the spread of viruses and keep those who are going to attend, safe. Here are a few of those things.

Social Distance

It can be hard to social distance at a funeral especially when you feel the need to hug and comfort those around you. While it can be hard to not hug and show the people who are attending that you care, it’s best if you can plan the services while still finding a way to keep everyone a safe distance apart. You can space out seating areas and standing areas to ensure people are not gathered to closely and you can limit the amount of people you invite to attend the cremation.


Another way you can keep everyone safe at the services is by encouraging them to wear masks. Masks help stop the spread of the virus so even if people do get closer than they should or can’t help but hug and comfort each other while they are crying and upset, they still have a barrier of protection that can help reduce the spread and risk involved. You should make sure everyone who is planning to attend the cremation services knows that they should wear a mask. You may also want to bring some masks that can be handed out in case someone doesn’t bring one.

cremation services Bellevue, MI

Online Streaming

There are ways to include others in your funeral and cremation services without having them attend the service in person. You can choose to invite the closest family members and then live stream the rest of the service so other family members can watch it and feel like they are included in the service. This can be a nice way to ensure that you won’t leave anyone out but also help protect everyone so you aren’t putting them at risk and you won’t have to feel guilty if someone becomes ill.

If you are planning cremation services in Bellevue, MI and are worried that you won’t be able to plan it properly because of the pandemic and the risk it poses to those who may attend. While things may be different during the Covid-19 pandemic you can still give your loved one a respectful goodbye. The above tips are just a few ways you can do that. You can also come up with other ways to make the services special and safe. If you need help planning cremation service be sure to reach out to Pray Funeral Home INC. We are here to help you.

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