Ideas for Green Cremation Services in Dimondale, MI

Posted on June 22nd, 2020 by Joe Pray under Cremation
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cremation services in Dimondale, MI

Many of our clients come to us considering cremation services in Dimondale, MI but concerned about the environmental impact of the traditional cremation process. At Pray Funeral Home, Inc., we’re constantly evolving our offerings and services to serve our changing customer base, and that includes a bigger focus on environmental issues. Here are some ways funeral homes everywhere are helping clients to green their cremation services.

Sustainable Vessels

If you’re choosing cremation services, one of the most important choices you’ll have to make is the final resting place for the ashes. This can be a burial vault, an urn, or smaller options to divide the ashes. While many of these used to be made from plastic or non-sustainable wood, it’s becoming more common to choose options like recycled wood or all-natural small-batch designs that have a smaller impact on the environment.

Biodegradable Urns

One of the most unique and impressive ways to have a green cremation service is with a line of biodegradable urns that contain a tree seed. Designed to be buried in a memorial garden or public park, these urns slowly break down in the earth and release the ashes and seed, which grows into a tall and powerful tree that will last decades and serve as a permanent memorial and gathering place for the family.

A Unique Burial at Sea

Scattering ashes at sea is a common choice for families whose loved one had a close connection to the water. But with coral balls, a unique vessel designed for sea burial, the ashes can serve a second purpose and help to sustain sea life. These round vessels are built in a way that encourages coral and other stationary sea life to build a home on them. The balls are also equipped with tracking that makes it easy to locate them and pay tribute from above.

Fundraising for a Good Cause

If you want to offset the environmental impact of a cremation, many people choose to use the digital portion of the funeral to ask for donations to a cause in lieu of flowers or gifts. Not only does this free up space around the house for the family, but asking each guest at the memorial or those paying respects online to send a small sum can add up quickly. Charities aiding endangered species or ocean health are among the most popular choices.

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For an alternative to traditional cremation with the same effect, many people are turning to Aquamation. This furnace-free process eliminates the cremator for a heated alkaline solution that speeds up the body’s natural decay process and reduces the body to bone ash in eight hours, as opposed to two to three hours for a traditional cremation. The resulting ashes are as safe, sterile, and ideal for scattering as with the traditional process.

If you want to discuss how to arrange a green cremation service, Pray Funeral Home, Inc. can help. Contact us today to discuss cremation services in Dimondale, MI or to set up a consultation.

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