Full-Service Cremation Services in Charlotte, Mi

Posted on May 25th, 2020 by Joe Pray under Cremation
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cremation services in Charlotte, MI

The biggest positive of working with a funeral service when choosing cremation services in Charlotte, MI is that you get all the amenities we offer. A cremation package can be as extensive, as full-service as any traditional funeral service, and many of the two intersect at our spacious funeral homes and associated facilities. Here’s what you and your family will get when you choose Pray Funeral Home, Inc. for your cremation needs.

Attentive Staff and Prompt Attention

We go to work as soon as we get your call, which can be invaluable if a death happens unexpectedly. After your initial contact, we’ll set up a consultation and take care of any legal matters like obtaining the death certificate. Then you’ll meet with our experienced funeral director who can walk you through the many options and packages ideal for memorializing your loved one before or after cremation. No matter your budget or desires, our wide catalog of services has something that fits your needs.


We want you involved in every stage of the process after you choose cremation. When you choose one of our memorial packages, you’ll have the option to arrange visitation with the closest friends and family of the deceased. We also give you the option to view the beginning of the cremation process, which includes our comprehensive efforts to make sure every set of remains reaches the right destination. By opening our doors, we hope to build trust in the process.

Extensive Facilities

The biggest advantage of choosing a funeral home for cremation services comes if you want to hold a full memorial service on-site. The reception rooms at Pray Funeral Home are equipped for both large and small groups, and can host a multimedia memorial service or a joyful wake. If you want catering on-site at the memorial service, we can help arrange a package with a large group of local caterers and restaurants.

Wide Product Line

When you choose cremation services, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is a final resting place for the remains. In addition to the basic cremation container you’ll get with every package, our memorial service packages contain one of our extensive line of Signature, Artisan, or Craftsman urns. These unique and beautiful vessels are ideal for a prominent place on your mantle. We also offer a line of smaller sharing urns and scattering urns.

Digital Supportcremation services in Charlotte, MI

The in-person memorial service program we offer is extensive, but there will always be people who can’t make it due to distance or time. That’s why our digital memorial program supplements your services with options including livestreaming of your service, a virtual guestbook where people can leave tributes and share memories, and an option to raise money for a charity of your choice through the memorial page.

If you want us to take care of every detail of the service, contact Pray Funeral Home, Inc. for cremation services in Charlotte, MI. Call us or visit us in person to get started today.

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