Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Services in Dimondale, MI

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cremation services in Dimondale, MI

Cremation is an increasingly popular alternative to earth burial, due to its lower average cost and more options for paying tribute to the deceased. At Pray Funeral Home, Inc. we believe tribute ceremonies for those choosing cremation should be as memorable as traditional funerals. We offer a wide menu of services for all budgets and needs, so read on for the most frequently asked questions about cremation services in Dimondale, MI.

How Does the Funeral Home Handle Cremation?

We take custody of the body as soon as it’s released and prepare it for cremation. The timeline is faster than with a funeral, as the body doesn’t need to be preserved for viewing at a funeral. The memorial package will arranged with the family and the body will be cremated for placement in the chosen vessel.

We offer visitation for the family and their invited guests on a shortened timeframe, with visitations ranging from two to six hours depending on your selected package.

What Options Do You Offer for Memorials with Cremation Services?

We’ve patterned our remembrance packages after our funeral options, offering our popular Heritage, Contemporary, and Essential collections to pay tribute to your loved ones. Our most popular features including video celebrations of life and live webcasts of the service are included, as are a selection of our custom urns for transport of the ashes.

We also offer a basic cremation package for those who have personal plans for memorializing the deceased. This comes with private family viewing, safe cremation of the remains, and one of our basic urns for transport.

How Are the Remains Transported to the Memorial Service?

For those who choose a full memorial service after cremation, we offer the Cremation Ark for a stylish and attractive transport. This white arch is carried by “Ark bearers”, often family members, into the hearse for transport to the memorial service and final resting place. This gives the urn a greater presence in the memorial service and also shields it during the drive.

What Is the Final Resting Place for Cremated Remains?cremation services in Dimondale, MI

Many of our clients choose to have the remains interred in a family plot or mausoleum, a space-efficient alternative to traditional earth burial that allows for a dedicated headstone or plaque to visit. Another popular choice is to keep a distinctive urn containing the remains at the home of someone close to the deceased.

For large families who want to keep a part of their loved one close to them, it’s common to divide the ashes between multiple people and keep a small amount in a vial or in jewelry. Third-party companies can also turn cremation ashes into diamonds.

If you’re considering Dimondale, MI cremation services as an alternative to earth burial, you can get more information by contacting Pray Funeral Home, Inc. to schedule a consultation. Visit us at 401 W. Seminary Street, Charlotte, MI, 48813, only twelve miles away by car from Dimondale, MI, or reach us by phone at (517) 543-2950.

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