Options for Cremation Services in Charlotte, MI

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cremation services in Charlotte, MI

For families seeking an alternative to traditional burial for their loved one, cremation services are an option that honors the departed and allows for personal disposition of remains. At Pray Funeral Home, we believe that a cremation service deserves the same care and attention as a funeral, and we offer a variety of packages for honoring your loved one based on budget. Our cremation services in Charlotte, MI have the personal touch that a beloved family member deserves.

Cremation Ceremonies

Our cremation services are an alternative to burial, but we offer full ceremony packages to let you and those closest to the deceased pay tribute to a life well lived. Our four packages feature all our standard amenities including visitation with the body, multimedia features including a standard video service and an online book of memories, and choice of our heirloom, artisan, and craftsman urns based on the package you choose. Your family will receive comprehensive care from the minute we take custody of the body and you’ll be in charge of planning the memorial service you want.

We also offer a basic cremation services package that takes custody of the body and offers a fast and dignified cremation with private family viewing for up to twenty people.

Disposition of the Remains

One benefit of cremation that appeals to many people is the option for storing or distributing the remains in a personal way that speaks to the life of the deceased. Every cremation package comes with a dignified and secure urn that allows the family to pick how they want to honor the remains.


A common choice for a final resting place for a loved one’s cremated remains is in a local cemetery or mausoleum, similar to how bodies are buried. The internment place of the remains is marked with a headstone, plaque, or memorial, giving the family a permanent place to visit.


Our urns are sturdy and attractive, making them a beautiful centerpiece to store in the home of the person closest to the deceased. This is a common first stop after the cremation, but many loved ones choose to have the deceased stay with them at home and take comfort from their continued presence.

Divided Mementoescremation services in Charlotte, MI

One benefit of cremation is that the remains can be easily divided into small amounts among the loved ones of the deceased. It’s common for the ashes to be placed in small vials or jewelry to be carried around on the person. Third-party companies can also turn cremated remains into diamonds for a dramatic memento of your loved one.


If your loved one had a spot that meant a lot to them, many families choose to distribute the ashes there and let the remains be carried by the wind. Before choosing this option, make sure to check all local regulations in the Charlotte, MI area or at the chosen location. Our cremation services team can advise on plans for remains scattering if you have a location planned.

If you’re considering Charlotte, MI cremation services to honor your departed loved one, contact Pray Funeral Home, Inc. to schedule an appointment. Visit our office at 401 W. Seminary Street, Charlotte, MI, 48813, or reach us by phone at (517) 543-2950.

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