How is Life Celebration Different from a Funeral

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To comprehend the differences between a funeral and a memorial service honoring the deceased’s life, one must be familiar with the usual mood, activities, and setting of each.

Here, we’ll go into more detail about the ways in which memorial services offered by funeral homes in Vermontville, MI and funerals diverge. You will have a better understanding of what to anticipate at a funeral or memorial service if you have never gone to one before.

How to dress

There is often no strict clothing requirement for celebration of life events, however there may be a theme. You should still plan on wearing the necessities, such as a shirt, bottoms, and shoes, unless the event is taking place in a beach or park and specifically instructs you to do differently.

It is common practice at memorial services and celebrations of life to dress in a certain hue, emulate a period, or sport the colors of the deceased’s favorite team. However, there is often a standard for funeral clothes.


Celebration of life events are less formal, and may even be noisy and joyful, but you should still observe the same standards of decorum as you would at a funeral. It is inappropriate to arrive late at memorial services or to divert focus away from the departed during the event.

Even if you’re “just kidding,” you shouldn’t use the occasion to make jokes or comments about the deceased person that are disrespectful.

Moreover, the word “celebration” may be misunderstood by others who believe that it implies joyous revelry in the demise of someone beloved. The purpose of a Celebration of Life is to honor the memory of a person who has passed away by remembering their unique qualities and the positive impact they had on the lives of people who knew and loved them, regardless of how much suffering they endured while they were living.

There is no set venue for a celebration of life. Locations for such gatherings are usually chosen because of their significance to the host family or because of their convenience.

Except in cases where it would be offensive to another group, there are no hard and fast guidelines on what constitutes an unacceptable venue. For instance, a “celebration” shouldn’t be held at a graveyard.


The fact that a celebration of life can be held at any time after a person has died is another distinguishing feature. The family in mourning will have more time to make arrangements, and guests will have more leeway in their schedules.


The absence of the corpse of the deceased is another key distinction between funerals and celebrations of life. It might be their ashes in an urn if they are indeed present.

A funeral often follows a strict timetable, but the family choose how to spend a celebration of life’s time. It may continue all day or just a few hours, and there could be a set schedule of events or attendees could be free to mingle as they pleased.

Budgets are usually not a problem during memorial services honoring the deceased. Naturally, if there is, funds can be allocated to whatever the organizers see most important (like good food, drinks, or entertainment). Funerals are one of many unavoidable costs that don’t deserve to be seen as a reason for joy, but may be managed with careful preparation.

Funerals are typically more individualistic, whereas memorial services can be more collaborative. While it is common practice to send flowers at a funeral or wake and to provide meals for the bereaved, Celebrations of Life are less formal and can allow for a larger group to gather in honor of a single individual. What makes it so unique is that it has a handcrafted or even eclectic vibe.

Affective overtones

The emotional tone of memorial services is very different from that of celebrations of life. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of lighthearted moments at a funeral. Funerals and memorial services can both havefuneral homes in Vermontville, MI mournful or touching moments.

A celebration of life ceremony is not one to be taken lightly, but it is one to which you should bring a positive attitude and a cheerful demeanor. In addition to being thankful that you are still alive to participate in the celebration, you should feel thankful to have known the honored individual.

Inquire with funeral homes in Vermontville, MI if you’re thinking of holding a life celebration.

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