Important Questions to Ask About Cremation Services in Potterville, MI

Posted on February 24th, 2020 by Joe Pray under Cremation
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cremation services in Potterville, MI

If you’ve chosen cremation for your loved one’s remains, you have the opportunity for a personalized memorial process that will honor your life. At our funeral homes, our experienced funeral directors offer cremation services in Potterville, MI and are ready to guide you through the process. The best way to design the perfect memorial and cremation services for your departed family member is to know your options, and these questions can help.

Can I Combine Cremation With a Funeral?

Many of our clients want to cremate their loved one’s remains but don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for a public remembrance of their life. That’s why our cremation packages involve memorial services for every budget. You and your family will get all the amenities of our personalized funeral packages including a webcast of the service and post-ceremony aftercare.

We also offer a basic cremation package for those who choose to hold a private memorial after receiving the remains.

What Urn Should I Choose for the Remains?

This depends on your long-term plans for your loved one’s remains, as many of our clients choose to have them interred in a family plot. If the urn is a temporary holder on the way to a final resting place, we have a selection of attractive standard urns that will keep them safe while you arrange the final location for internment.

If you prefer to keep your loved one’s ashes close at hand, we offer a unique collection of heirloom, artisan, and craftsman urns to store the remains securely long-term. For clients who choose these packages, you’ll pick from a selection of urns that make a beautiful centerpiece for any living room.

Can I Arrange for Visitation Before Cremation?

A concern clients often have about cremation services is that saying goodbye won’t be the same as with a traditional burial. That’s why we move fast after taking custody of the body to allow our families private time with their loved one. Our memorial packages allow between two and six hours of visitation for the family and their invited guests before the cremation and service.

Can I Have the Ashes Divided?cremation services in Potterville, MI

This is a common choice for large families who want to keep a part of their loved one near them. Rather than having all the ashes placed in a single urn, the ashes can be divided into small vials or placed in jewelry. We can also keep the bulk of the ashes in a central urn while small amounts are distributed.

Can I Legally Spread My Loved One’s Ashes?

Many people choose to spread cremated remains at a meaningful location for their departed loved one. The cremation process renders the ashes sterile and harmless and Michigan has no laws governing the distribution of ashes. We recommend checking with the owner or administrator of any private location, but our cremation services team is happy to help you plan for your scattering ceremony.

The first step to a meaningful cremation and memorial for your loved one is to contact Pray Funeral Home, Inc. to schedule a consultation about cremation services in Potterville, MI. Visit us at 401 W. Seminary Street, Charlotte, MI, 48813, only seven miles away by car from Potterville, MI, or reach us by phone at (517) 543-2950.

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