Ask the Funeral Director – November 19, 2021

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Ask the Funeral Director

Dear FD,
We don’t attend church or have a strong relationship with a minister.  Who would officiate my funeral?

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Anyone can “officiate” a funeral or memorial service. Certainly, ministers are professional and experienced in leading a meaningful service, and for this reason are usually chosen by families to preside. However, there are many families who have no idea where to turn when considering the right person to lead the funeral.  There are several options.  In many cases, there is a family friend or colleague who knows the family and deceased well, and is comfortable with public speaking. In this case, the funeral home staff work closely with this person to develop a framework for the service, and to coordinate with other family or friends who may be comfortable speaking or sharing a written story about the deceased.

Our staff also coordinates specialty elements of the service, weather it be special music, a performance, or a multi-media experience.  Another great option is to utilize a Certified Celebrant. We work closely with Laura Cooper, who has attended Celebrant training. Even if Laura is not fully acquainted with the family, we organize a time to meet and spend a few hours gathering stories, thoughts, and important sentiments to be woven into the tapestry of a meaningful and healing ceremony.

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