Ask the Funeral Director – October 1, 2021

Posted on October 1, 2021 by Joe Pray under Ask The Funeral Director

Ask the Funeral Director

Dear FD,
What if I die far away from home?  How will my remains get back, and who do I call?

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Sadly, this happens regularly, and not always on vacation. Many people have homes in Florida or other far away states, and may be in residence there when death occurs. Once all other authorities, both medical and legal, have released care of the deceased to a funeral home, it is best to call us directly. Don’t call a funeral home in the area if your plans are to be returned to Michigan. Our firm is a member of national and worldwide organizations that put us in contact with service providers in all corners of the world, service providers we know we can trust, for both quality of service and cost control. Calling a funeral home in the area before us can lead to more charges incurred than necessary.

Internationally, the process can be complicated, so best to have us taking care of the logistics. We provide Travel Assurance Plans, which can be part of a prearrangement, or a standalone policy. This is an inexpensive policy to have in place that will cover all costs incurred in bringing your remains home, regardless of where in the world you may be. The Travel Assurance Plan is one of many ways we seek to provide Peace of Mind for the families we serve.

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