Ask the Funeral Director – September 24, 2021

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Ask the Funeral Director

Dear FD,
I am finding it difficult to sit down and write out the important stories about my parents to be included in their prearrangement.  I’m worried we could lose this family history when they are gone, but I can’t bring myself to ask them to do this because of the emotional stress of facing their eventual death.  Is there anything I can do?

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The best way to approach this difficult yet important subject is to get help interviewing your parents.  It’s very difficult to be the one to ask the questions and record the stories while also being emotionally invested as a family member.  Years ago, we brought in a story writer to interview my grandparents.  She spent hours with them listening to their stories, and in the end presented us with a bound hardcover book that we will always cherish.

A simpler approach is to make an appointment with us.  We can meet at the funeral home, or anywhere comfortable for them, and let us do the interviewing.  Sure, we may cover questions and topics related to funerals if they ask, but equally as importantly, we will collect these stories for use when the time comes to celebrate their lives.  And, to ease your mental anguish, we will present you with a written version.

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