Ask the Funeral Director – August 20, 2021

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Ask the Funeral Director

Dear FD,
I’m considering pre-planning my funeral, but it’s just so hard to think about. Is it really worth spending time now while I’m alive and well thinking about my death?

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Death holds no appointments, ignores Holidays and business hours, and doesn’t consult the bank statements before arriving. Many families find themselves not only facing the difficulty and pain of losing a family member, but also the financial burden of handling the final expenses. This is reason #1 for pre-planning: Services can be paid for over time, and when that day comes, most if not all expenses are not a concern for the survivors. Indeed, the money is held by a fiduciary (not the funeral home), so it is completely safe, and most funeral homes (like ours) guarantee that whatever is paid at the time of the pre-arrangement is honored at the time of death, even if prices have doubled or worse.

Reason #2 is psychological: Your people who will be making arrangements with us upon your death will have a lot of decisions to make. It is immeasurably helpful if you’ve at least weighed-in if not already made the decision for them. Making a pre-arrangement isn’t only a financial benefit, it also relieves a lot of the stress and worry the family faces. When most of it is known, decided, and agreed upon, all that is left for the family is to surround themselves with support, attend to their hearts, and begin to heal.

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