Ask the Funeral Director – July 9, 2021

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Dear FD,

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Are the laws about scattering cremated remains?

Currently, Michigan Law does not control where cremated remains are scattered, although in many ways, it defers to local government to regulate. For example, scattering in Bennett Park can technically be regulated by the City, although I do not know of any such local codes restricting this action. Federal Law, however, does prohibit scattering remains in national parks and waterways without a permit. Finally, private property requires the owner’s permission, and most cemeteries will not allow scattering without approval and a fee.

In our experience, however, it is important to make a thoughtful plan in regards to what to do with cremated remains. Keep in mind that, once scattered, the deceased is eternally memorialized in that place. If it’s a family farm that sells in 50 years to Wal-Mart, who then paves over it, you have grandchildren visiting a “memorial parking lot” to pay respect to their grandparent.

The best thing to do is to find a place of permanence and record it in family records as the final resting place of the person. Or, consider spreading a portion of the cremated remains in a meaningful location, and inter another portion in a cemetery, where their name is literally carved in stone, perpetually remembered for the ages.

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