Why Do Cremation Costs Vary in Eaton County?

Posted on March 15, 2021 by Joe Pray under Cremation
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Why is there such a broad range of prices for cremation?  Some places charge much more than others.  If it’s just cremation, why is it so different?


Indeed, cremation pricing can be very confusing.  When comparing between firms that offer cremation, it is important to understand three things.

First, what all is included for the price?

Second, what is the reputation of the cremation provider?

Third, did the person you talked to spend time explaining the pricing and how cremation is handled at his/her firm?

While the first question may seem obvious (what is included), it isn’t.  In Michigan, no funeral home can own or operate a crematory.  Therefore, we all must utilize a third-party crematory.  The pricing you are receiving typically includes not only the charges made by the crematory, but also the costs associated with the level of care that is taken by the funeral home in not only completing the cremation, but helping the grieving family with the many legal tasks and emotional needs that come into play.

Second, there are, unfortunately, firms in every state that cut corners ethically in order to keep their costs the lowest.  Never trust these firms with the care of your loved one.

Finally, the time spent explaining the pricing is a good reflection of the time and dedication the funeral home will devote to the care and cremation of your loved one.  This conversation is also a good time to make sure you feel at ease with the funeral home staff and that you trust this firm with the care of what is most precious to you.  Call us to learn more about the differences at Pray Funeral Home.

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