Meet Your Neighbor – Humorous Service Gentleman, John Mayes.

Posted on January 30, 2020 by Joe Pray under Meet Your Neighbor
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Humorous service gentleman?

In this laughter filled conversation we chat with our neighbor and humorous service gentleman, John Mayes. John is one of our key people at Pray Funeral Home  .  He uses his quiet sense of humor and his ever present smile to help set families at ease.

What is a Service Gentleman?

A Service Gentleman assists the Pray Funeral Home Funeral Directors in caring for families we serve.  They help as we transfer deceased family members from the home, hospital, nursing home, or hospice where death has occured, into our care.  They also greet guests at visitations and funeral services. Our Service Gentlemen are usually the first person a guest sees as they drive into the parking lot for a funeral as they help guide the funeral guests to a parking spot and lead them to the appropriate entrance of the funeral home.

A couple of surprising credits

John has a great sense of humor as you will see in the interview.  He is one of the spark plugs at the funeral home that keeps our staff smiling.  Interestingly, he also has a couple of surprising credits in the entertainment world.  Growing up in Metro Detroit, John played bass in a rock band, the Outcry.  The band played throughout the Detroit area, and even won the JC’s State of Michigan battle of the bands in 1968, and got third place nationally in Atlantic City, NJ, the same year.

What IS the sweater he is wearing?

As you enjoy this interview you may also guess that the interview was recorded shortly before the Christmas Holiday.  John’s sweater is indicative of how this humorous Service Gentleman uses his personality to set families at ease.  The interview contains lots of laughter. Can you watch it with a straight face? Tune in and see.

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