What Am I Going to Do With Myself When I Die?

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We have Answers

In a recent community survey the public told us they wanted answers to three questions.   Who will help?  How Will I Be Remembered? What can I do? We will answer these questions in depth at our Spring Seminar May 15 in downtown Charlotte at The Hall.   For a brief overview of the answers we will discuss, read on.

Who will help?

When faced with a serious or terminal illness who is going to help you and your family.   It may help to develop a life care team made up of your doctor, clergy, nursing staff, palliative care, and your funeral director.  This team will help you through the illness, transition through loss, and on through the healing funeral or memorial to celebrate that life.  We will explore how to develop this team to help you and your family.

How will I Be Remembered?

The second question is how will I be remembered?  One way is to write your life story for your family to enjoy for generations to come. As a funeral Director I often see that the first time someone writes down their favorite stories about their parents or family member is when we are writing their obituary. That is way to late.

An easy way is to record short snippets of your stories on your cell phone.   Another is to write them down in a notebook.  A more fun and easy way to save your stories is to use our Be Remembered program found at BeRemembered.com.

The forum will share easy and no cost ways to write your own life story. You all have one, lets record that and celebrate that now.

What are some of new ways to celebrate a life?

The only limit to what can be included in a funeral or memorial is what the family feels is appropriate.  We have incorporated hobbies, favorite places, food, and even sports into memorials  and funerals.   How about a fly over at the cemetery,  a motorcycle hearse, superheros, or shooting pool at the visitation?

Hiring a professional funeral director and their staff can develop creative and meaningful funerals or memorials to help your family heal after a loss, without adding stress to your family.

Join us May 15

Our presenter Dr. John D Canine has helped counsel thousands of families through his work as a counselor, therapist and as Director of Maximum Living, a national network of grief and bereavement counselors. He has seen first-hand how these areas can help grieving families. You will actually enjoy his engaging presentation.

The program is hosted by Jane Aldrich, former Channel 6 News Anchor and now Certified Celebrant who has helped Pray funeral home serve families in new and supportive ways.

Call or click for your spot

For further information or to reserve your place for our May 15th gathering, register at www.PrayFuneral.com. Oh, did I that it is free to the public?

So how are you going to answer the question?

I look forward to seeing you on May 15th. I want to see how you answer the question, “What Am I going To Do With Myself When I Die?”

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