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Posted on April 12, 2018 by Joe Pray under Meet Your Neighbor
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This Edition Features Lori Baum!

As you asked, we have uploaded the next Meet Your Neighbor interview.  This edition features Lori (Campbell) Baum of Campbell Dance Studio.  Lori also helps as an assistant office manager here at Pray Funeral Home.  Listen in I am sure you will learn a thing or two about Lori.


The Next Meet Your Neighbor

The last edition featuring Joe Pray Sr. was a big hit on our Facebook page and on our website.  As in many of the Meet Your Neighbor’s editions, the stories we recorded are the only recorded version of Joe Sr.’s story.  I encourage you to call to have your interview posted here to share with your friends, and relatives.  I am sure you will enjoy it.  We usually have a fun time with the interviews.

Who knows what you may learn

The most enjoyable part of the original program was the surprising things that local people learned about their friends and neighbors.  Some folks shared their favorite vacation stories.  Other told stories from life in the community.  We hope to spread the friendship and stories about our many community members.

Listen In!

I invite you to take a look and listen, as Lori reminisces about her time in Charlotte for our second edition of the new Meet Your Neighbor!

Be Remembered

Once you get started listening in on the folks we  interview,  you may want to record your own story.  Call me up at my number below and we will schedule your edition of Meet Your Neighbor.  If you want to record your story  in more detail we have an in depth tool for you to use to record and preserve your individual or family story.   We sponsor a website called Be Remembered .   This site helps you easily record the stories of your lifetime.  You can even write out your own personal bucket list items, your favorite words of wisdom and arrange your life in pictures.  I encourage you to use the site, for free, no strings attached.

Your Story is a Treasure

Your story, written out, is a treasure for the rest of your family.  Future generations will have a more complete image of who Grandpa or Grandma really were if you give them the whole story.

Call us and join in on the fun!

Call me up.  I would love to feature you in the next story presented here on Meet Your Neighbor.  Call me at 517 543 2950, or email me! at [email protected]   C’mon  it will be fun

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