Travel To Not Let Life Escape Us

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Seinfeld's Shoes on Boca Grande Beach cliffs, Aruba

Seinfeld’s Shoes travel the globe looking for new life experiences to take back home as wonderful stories to share.

“We travel not to escape life, but to not let life escape us.

I read this saying on a plaque on a recent trip.  I realized how right it was.   Time away from our everyday lifestyle often creates the most fond life stories. Many people dream of a trip to some exotic destination during the workweek.  Some look at it as reward for our hard labor, others look at it as a daydream to get them through the day. I look at it as all of the above.

Daily life and business can be stressful, especially in funeral service. Looking forward to a trip with family and friends can help lift your spirits during the more difficult times. That trip may be across the country, or just around to the corner. It may be a week long venture, or it may be dinner shared with family and friends.  The quote reminds us that we often experience life most during these times.

Remember to take time to travel, wherever it may be.  There are always new things to learn in far away places.  The new skill you may learn, or the new viewpoint that you may develop, can be invaluable in your life “back home.” The memories you create will live on with you and your family.

So I challenge you to “not let life escape you.”  Take time away, experience life, and share those stories when you return.  It is good for you, and it is good for those around you.   It will help you fill in your life story as many have done on  And, it will help you answer the question, “How Will You Be Remembered?”  


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