How will Your Life Story Be Remembered?

Posted on May 9, 2015 by Joe Pray under Family Stories
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How do you want to be remembered? Do you want your family and friends to remember you for your great apple pie? How about your great smile and personality? Do you also want them to remember you for the great experiences you shared with friends and family throughout your life? How do you want them to remember you…..and how will they have an accurate account of your life story?

Most adult children remember about half of the best moments of their parent’s lives, and grandchildren only remember about 25% of those moments. Think about how much you recall about your grandparents lives.  Imagine if you could know more about your grandparents or great-grandparents, such as their favorite songs, how they met, what their lives were like as children.  Now imagine that you could record and share this type of information for your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future generations.

Pray Funeral Home now offers the opportunity to anyone with access to the world wide web to record and preserve your favorite stories and memories in the safe and secure site  The cost for the site is underwritten by Pray Funeral Home.

Our own family’s experience has proven how meaningful it is to write out those memories.  In our case we spent three years  interviewing Joe and Laurel Pray and published their life stories in a book.   The new site makes it easy to surpass a published book.  BeRemembered uses interactive timelines, personal messages that can be directed to individuals, and many other features.

The biggest event that inspired us to sponsor BeRemembered for our community came at the time our Grandmother Treadwell died.  We spent days gathered as a family during her final illness sharing stories and going through family pictures as she relived many of the memories that she wanted us to remember.  It was a great gift, however nobody wrote them down, and our memory doesn’t always recall the stories accurately.  If we would have had this resource at that time, we would have a great compendium of her life story and many other family stories for future generations to cherish.

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